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Silent Auction & Raffle

Thank you to all of our generous donors for the Silent Auction and Raffle.  Funds received from the raffle and the silent auction go to Rotary Club of Arusha toward sustainable, local projects defined by the local community as fundamental, and accomplished through joint efforts with the community to meet those needs. 


To make a donation for the 2022 Silent Auction and Raffle, please contact Rotary Club of Arusha.

2022 Silent Auction Prizes - Bid on prizes in the Rotary Tent until 3pm on Sunday, Nov 27.

2021 Silent Auction & Raffle Impact

In total, 18,028,495 TSH was earned by the Rotary Club of Arusha at the 2021 Christmas Fair. This has been used (or is ear-marked for spending) on a variety of our projects including:

  • Goodbye Thirsty Grant 7 – Large-scale rainwater harvesting project in 6 villages in Arumeru District

  • Arusha Schools’ WASH – Construction of toilets, handwash facilities and connection to the water utility at multiple schools around Arusha City Council (14 in phase 1 and 16 in phase 2)

  • Road Safety Project (phase 1 piloted in late 2021 with the Boda Boda Association of Arusha and the Traffic Police, phase 2 currently being rolled out in collaboration with the Arusha City Council Education department at schools around the city

  • Arusha City Council’s Covid-19 vaccine campaign in December 21 – January 22

  • Arusha City Council’s Polio vaccine campaign in May 2022

  • St. John Paul Rehabilitation Centre (Monduli) Physiotherapy strengthening

  • Ndoto Zetu – Ongoing monthly support to Girls’ Talk empowerment program in 4 neighbouring schools in Sanawari; Christmas presents for all beneficiaries and nutritious Christmas boxes of food for 40 families during the Christmas period.

  • Menstrual Hygiene – Purchase and distribution of reusable and regular sanitary pads and ‘mooncups’ to beneficiaries at Ndoto Zetu, Jobortunity and schools from our WASH project

  • Delivery and recovery beds for Emairete Dispensary

  • Imorijo Primary School Rainwater harvesting project – contribution to building a 140,000 litre rainwater harvesting system at this school in Monduli

  • Arusha Region’s Blood Bank

2020 Silent Auction & Raffle Impact

In 2020, the Rotary Silent Auction & Raffle raised over 12 Million TSH which supported the general charity fund for Rotary and their local community projects.

2019 Silent Auction & Raffle Impact

10 Million TSH was contributed to the Global Grant through Rotary International and the Dutch government to provide clean, safe water, hygiene training, and practice for 20 schools in the Arusha area.  The remaining funds supported the Arusha community with PPE and hospital equipment for Mt Meru Hospital, Moshono Hospital, ALMC, Selian Hospital, Seventh Day Adventist Dental Clinic, Medical Missionaries of Mary Vaccination Clinic, Olasiti Village Leadership, Vohora Crematorium, Dr. Sheriff Inthna Asheri, Dr. Mohammed Ithna Asheri, and Kivulini Maternity Hospital.

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